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Wooden baby cribs, hanging and co-sleeping

From birth and during the first few months of life, baby needs to feel safe, secure and reassured, and this is also true when he sleeps. If some babies accept without any difficulty to go from the mother's belly to the bed with bars, many are the infants who will need more the comfort of a cradle for its cocoon side. Adapted to the small size of the child and which can be used as well for the nap as for the night, the baby will feel a wave of wellbeing which will enable him to sleep better. You will find on the Lignea Kids website many models of cradles made in France, of durable and ecological quality.

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What is a baby cradle?

A sleeping method intended for the child, the baby cradle will be used to accommodate the infant up to about six months, depending on its evolution. Declined in many models and colors, its size proves to be perfect for the small size of the baby who will feel like in the belly of the mom. Little bulky thanks to its small dimensions, it is portable and easy to carry. Its bottom should be rigid and flat, and the mattress should be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the baby crib. Indeed, comfort and safety should not be neglected under any circumstances. If you opt for a baby crib with wheels to be able to move it around the house, these must be blocking.

How to choose the baby crib?

Aside from the aspects concerning comfort and safety, the choice of the baby crib also relates to its design and its functional side. Do not hesitate to make your choice according to the decoration of the baby's room. If this one will tend to be natural and old, a wooden baby crib will show itself perfectly adapted to the environment and will bring a vintage touch that will not fail to make you nostalgic for your childhood bed. The same will be true for a wicker baby crib that will have the advantage of fitting any decor. If you have chosen flashy colors for your child's room and are looking for something rather modern, other types of cribs might suit you:

The hanging crib

In contrast to a classic crib, the hanging crib is, as its name suggests, suspended either from the ceiling of the room or on a specially adapted stand. Apart from its undeniably modern appearance, it has the advantage of letting baby swing alone to the rhythm of his movements.

The co-sleeping cradle

Another model of baby cradle, the co-sleeping cradle is appealing to many parents today who want to be able to stay close to their child during the night in perfect safety. Allowing the mother to breastfeed without having to get up or the father to give the bottle without having to settle in an uncomfortable chair, the co-sleeping cradle also allows to monitor the heartbeat of the infant or to comfort him more quickly at night so that he falls back asleep quickly.

You will have understood, in wood, fabric or wicker, the baby cradle is a timeless accessory to allow the child to spend good nights of sleep. To satisfy all parents' desires, Lignea Kids strives to offer you models with different looks but whose sustainable materials scrupulously respect nature.


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