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The Montessori Board, what is it

Perfect for helping children develop their creative talents as well as their skills, the Montessori Board is an early learning toy that will also stimulate their curiosity and desire to learn a little more each day.

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Montessori Pedagogy in a nutshell

An Italian physician and educator during the 20th century, Maria Montessori devoted her research to children. Her studies revealed that a happy child is one who learns at his or her own pace while enjoying what is around him or her. And to do this, play is an essential because it represents a key element of his learning. Based on this observation, Dr. Montessori developed a number of different games adapted to each age of the child to allow him to learn in an adapted way. The Montessori board is a perfect example.

How does the Montessori board support child development?

The Montessori board, also known as a Montessori board or Montessori Busy board is a toy specifically designed for children to help them develop skills such as fine motor skills, logic, problem solving, or even creativity. Using observation, logic and his cognitive skills, he will manage, on his own, to solve small mysteries contained on the board. By showing perseverance, reflection and patience, he will then manage to find the best solutions. In addition, the Montessori panel is equipped with a series of locks under which are hidden various elements such as drawings of animals. By opening and closing these with his hands and fingers, he will manage to develop his fine motor skills.

What are the different advantages of the Montessori panel?

For infants and up to the age of 6/7, the Montessori sign has obvious advantages:

Problem solving

As the Montessori board encourages the child to observe and search for information or hidden objects, it allows them to optimize their potential to solve simple problems on their own.

Fine Motor Skills

As discussed above, by moving different pieces of different sizes on the Montessori Activity Board, the child exercises hand-eye coordination, thus acting on his fine motor skills.


With the child having to solve some of the puzzles on the activity board, he or she will memorize some of the illustrations without even realizing it, thereby improving memory.


By attempting to solve a problem on the Montessori activity board on a regular basis, the child becomes interested in the activity and will tend to try, to persevere, until he succeeds without even thinking of giving up.


As a child, he or she rarely shows patience. The Montessori panel intervenes precisely to allow him to internalize more serenely this impatience.


Because of their nature still, children generally present little capacity to keep their attention on something for a long time. As they grow, so does this ability. The activity panel allows them to naturally advance this learning process.

Soliciting Curiosity

A child evolves in a world where everything around them may be new to them. The Montessori board existing with many themes focused for example on farm animals, cooking, nature or even medicine, it will allow the child to learn new things every day but above all to want to learn more.

To conclude this article, the Montessori activity board, or Busy board Montessori is an educational toy that focuses on the learning and autonomous development of the child. It allows him, in addition to having fun, to improve his coordination, cognitive abilities, analytical skills, finding new challenges as well as practical work.


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