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Montessori Busy Board: a fun and creative way to get your child started!

What is a Montessori busy board ? 

A Montessori Busy Board, also known as a Montessori activity board, is an educational toy designed to stimulate the development of toddlers. It is designed according to the principles of Montessori pedagogy, an educational method that encourages independence, curiosity and active exploration in children.

The Busy Board often takes the form of a board or panel on which interactive elements are scattered. Buttons, zips, ropes, handles, bells, mirrors and many more attract the child's attention and encourage them to manipulate them. Observation, motor skills and manipulation develop their cognitive functions using everyday objects that they can then easily assimilate and use.

Toys inspired by Montessori teaching methods

Our selection of Montessori Busy Boards is directly inspired by the principles of Maria Montessori. These educational toys encourage children to develop their senses, independence and self-confidence. They offer sensory learning, creative exploration and discovery of the world around them, all in a fun and attractive setting. For children, these wooden toys will be an almost inexhaustible source of fun.

These educational toys are designed to suit the age of your toddler, making learning a captivating and fun experience. Let us guide you through this varied range of Montessori learning toys that combine education with fun!

A wide range of Montessori Busy Boards in the shape of animals

Montessori busy boards are a must-have for parents wishing to adopt the precepts and principles of Montessori education. From the age of 3, your child will be able to marvel, have fun and develop his or her senses with a beautiful wooden Montessori busy board, in complete autonomy, and even before that under adult supervision.

Touch, hearing and sight are stimulated as each object and mini-workshop is handled. The designers use a wealth of imagination to create complete busy boards by integrating 20 elements: gears, lock, Velcro with ribbon, crank, clock, hooks, zip, laces... Your child will enjoy thinking about, manipulating, testing, trying and trying again all the objects without ever getting bored. 

The busy boards offered by Lignea Kids come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit children's preferences (and parents' desires). In the shape of a dinosaur, a friendly panda, a large giraffe or a cute koala, the busy board will look great in any bedroom or playroom.

Of course, all Lignea Kids Montessori busy boards have a unique design and are made from quality materials (certified paint, FSC plywood, etc.).