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Equip yourself with learning materials to stimulate creativity and develop your child's independence with Lignea Kids! We're convinced that every child deserves an environment adapted to his or her development and blossoming. That's why we've selected a wide range of Montessori learning materials designed to encourage your child's independence, creativity and exploration. Discover teeter-totters, climbing triangles, balance boards, balance games, observation towers, activity tables or even multi-function panels to integrate these educational tools into your baby's or child's room.


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Why adopt Montessori learning materials ?

There are a number of advantages to using Montessori learning materials in your child's education. The Montessori method, developed by Dr Maria Montessori, is based on key principles that encourage children's autonomy, curiosity, exploration and overall development. 

At Lignea Kids, we advise you to :

  • Organise the space: Create zones dedicated to different activities, such as a reading corner, a space for construction games, or a painting and drawing workshop.
  • Choose quality materials: Opt for Montessori products made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, such as natural wood and ecological fibres.
  • Vary the activities: Offer your child a wide choice of Montessori materials to stimulate their different senses and skills. Include activities to develop fine motor skills, logic, language and artistic expression.
  • Encourage independence: Encourage your child to choose and put away their own activities. This will help them develop a sense of responsibility and organisation.
  • Adapt materials to the child's age: Select Montessori accessories that are adapted to your child's age and skills to promote progressive and stimulating learning.
  • Personalise the space: Don't hesitate to add decorative elements that reflect your child's tastes and interests to create a unique and motivating environment. 

We are proud to offer you a wide choice of quality Montessori learning materials that meet your expectations in terms of pedagogy, comfort and safety.

A wide choice of Montessori materials

We are delighted to help you choose the best Montessori equipment for you and your child.

  • Rocker: The Montessori rocker encourages the development of balance and coordination of movement. We recommend that you choose a solid wooden seesaw with rounded edges for added safety.
  • Climbing triangle: The climbing triangle helps your child to develop motor skills and self-confidence. Choose a height-adjustable model to adapt to your child's development.
  • Balance board: The balance board stimulates proprioception and balance in children. We suggest you choose a hard-wearing wooden board with a non-slip surface to prevent falls.
  • Balance games: Balance games encourage concentration and patience. We recommend choosing a game that's suitable for your child's age, with pieces of different shapes and sizes to stimulate creativity.
  • Observation tower: The Montessori observation tower allows your child to observe and participate in family activities in complete safety. Choose a stable model with non-slip steps and a safety barrier.
  • Activity table: The Montessori activity table encourages exploration and learning through play. We recommend you choose a table with storage space and a variety of activities to stimulate your child's interest.
  • Multifunction panel: The multifunction panel is ideal for developing your child's sensory and motor skills. We recommend a model with a variety of interactive elements, such as buttons, gears and mirrors.

At Lignea Kids, we are committed to offering you quality products that respect the environment and comply with Montessori principles to help your child grow.