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Passionate about old-fashioned furniture, it all began with the wish of young parents who were looking for a wicker crib for their own children. They couldn't find what they were looking for, so they decided to design classic wicker furniture of high quality so that the furniture could be passed down from generation to generation. Through Bermbach, the designers want to offer parents sustainable furniture created with passion. Today, the brand offers several cribs and changing mats or bassinets of remarkable quality. Bermbach works with an experienced Japanese-Indonesian producer who has perfected the traditional weaving of rattan. Rattan is a noble material, obtained by collecting dried tendrils of the fast-growing rattan climbing palm, which can reach a length of several meters in a very short time. Their use is a sustainable alternative to cutting down valuable trees, thus helping to protect the Indonesian rainforest. For the leather that serves as the link between each rattan loop, it is cowhide tanned with oak extract.

Lignea Kids has put together an exceptional selection for you that will appeal to children and parents alike.

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