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Discover Lignea Kids wooden imitation games

Lignea Kids offers on its website a selection of wooden imitation games adapted to each age of the child. Educational, fun and inspiring, your child will enjoy playing in his room, outside or even on his activity table with wooden imitation toys that will awaken and stimulate his imagination. Discover our selection of products as diverse as the dinette, a Doctor's panoply, baby carriages, wheelbarrows and many other original wooden imitation games.

Discover the authenticity of wooden imitation play

Lignea Kids offers you the opportunity to keep traditions alive by passing on educational and fun wooden toys to new generations, which will contribute to their awakening from a young age. Wood is a natural and noble material appreciated by parents for its resistance but also for its aesthetic and durable side. If some wooden imitation toys remain timeless and take up the codes of yesteryear such as the cradle, the baby carriage or even the wooden car, others are totally innovative like the wooden pinball machine, the wooden camera and the wooden makeup bag. Simple and versatile, wooden imitation toys are undeniably beneficial for a child's cognitive system.

Why opt for wooden toys?

Preferring wood as a material for a child's toys is a committed and thoughtful choice. Natural and ecological, this material is also eco-responsible when it guarantees the respect of forests. Wooden toys are: Durable: more solid than a toy made of another material such as plastic, wooden toys are undoubtedly a guarantee of quality. Durable: these toys can even be transmitted from generation to generation. Aesthetics: carved in wood, toys are undoubtedly more pleasant to look at than plastic toys. Bringing a little magic and an authentic touch, a wooden toy can become a real decorative accessory in your child's room. Comforting : in raw or painted wood, wooden toys bring a soft and natural touch that you can't find with toys made of other materials. Environmentally friendly: unlike plastic toys that end up in landfills already overflowing with plastic, wood is a recyclable and especially biodegradable material. Thus, even if the wooden imitation game ends its life in a landfill, it will eventually decompose over time without any risk to the environment.

What are the advantages of the wooden imitation game?

Wooden imitation games testify to many benefits for the child. Indeed, these toys allow them to reproduce and imitate activities that they observe around them on a daily basis. Thus the child can, through the game, develop his creativity and imagination. It is naturally necessary to offer him an imitation game adapted to his age. Thus equipped with a baby carriage, a wheelbarrow, a car or even a wooden kaleidoscope, your child will have the possibility to play situations, to live adventures through stagings that will allow him to develop his cognitive system. The simpler the imagination game, the more he will manage to stimulate his creativity.

The wooden imitation game has educational qualities

The wooden games are designed to meet the methodologies related to the learning and development of the child based on Montessori type pedagogies. Thus, the wooden imitation games are specially made to encourage children from an early age a complete sensory awakening. Colors, sizes and shapes are apprehended by toddlers who also develop their logical thinking, decision making as well as their organizational skills.

Sensory and motor development through wooden imitation games

Wooden imitation toys promote the development of fine motor skills in toddlers. With a wooden dinette or tea set, for example, the child manipulates, sorts and moves objects. Then, wooden imitation games allow the child to develop gross motor skills. By pushing, moving and pulling a wheelbarrow, cradle or wooden car, the child strengthens his muscles while stimulating the coordination of his movements.

The safety of wooden imitation play

When designed in plastic or metal, toys can contain toxic substances. Knowing that a child's exploration of the senses automatically involves putting toys in the mouth, wood, which is naturally antibacterial and non-toxic, is much safer for young children. In addition, unlike plastic toys that can leave small pieces or sharp edges when they break, wood remains a safe bet for your child's safety. Indeed, you are unlikely to find your little one's wooden imitation toy broken into several pieces: safety and durability are at stake. Why hesitate any longer? Check out our range of wooden imitation toys for babies and toddlers!


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