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Montessori activity board, the ideal game to awaken and stimulate your child. Let yourself be guided into a world of discovery and wonder for your little treasure.

What is a Montessori activity board ? 

A Montessori activity board, also known as a busy board and sometimes a Montessori panel, is an educational toy designed to stimulate your child's development. An activity board is made up of many objects to manipulate, understand and use: maze board, calculator, button, zip, switch, tube, laces, locks, etc. The mechanisms, shapes and textures of each element of the activity board have just one aim: to develop the child's motor skills and awareness. 

The senses of touch, hearing and sight are stimulated with every use. This wooden game is in keeping with the Montessori approach and pedagogy, designed to develop children's creativity and fine motor skills. An activity board will also encourage sensory learning and natural curiosity.

What are the advantages of a Montessori activity board ? 

A Montessori activity board has many advantages for your child... and for you, the parents. This early-learning game contributes to your child's development, stimulation and motor skills while having fun. Here are the main benefits of a Montessori activity board.

  • Developing fine motor skills: The activities on a Montessori board help your child to develop fine motor skills. Whether it's turning a dial, unlocking a lock or manipulating small objects, your child will learn to control his or her movements precisely and delicately.
  • Sensory development: The varied textures, bright colours and different shapes of the board's components stimulate your child's senses, helping them to discover the world around them.
  • Cognitive development: Solving a jigsaw puzzle or other object helps them to think logically, which is essential for their intellectual development.
  • Autonomy and self-confidence: Through Montessori activities, your child learns to do things for themselves, building their self-confidence, autonomy... and patience. 
  • Learning about practical life: All the objects on a Montessori activity board come from everyday life. Your child is encouraged to reproduce their actions and acquire practical skills. 
  • Fun: Above all, a Montessori activity board offers hours of fun for your child. They can play and replay endlessly with so many objects to use. They'll never tire of this fascinating toy.

Buy Montessori activity boards from Lignea Kids

The Lignea Kids team is proud to present a varied selection of Montessori activity boards. Each Montessori activity board offers a multitude of tasks to awaken your child's interest, stimulate their curiosity and develop their motor skills. Our Montessori activity boards fit in perfectly with Montessori teaching methods and are a real treasure trove of learning and discovery. From the age of 3, children can progress at their own pace and in complete autonomy. 

Are you concerned about your environmental impact and your child's well-being? Because we share the same convictions, the activity boards are made from quality materials in an eco-responsible way, ensuring the durability of the toy and respect for our planet. The paint used is eco-friendly and water-based. 

Don't hesitate, choose a Lignea Kids Montessori activity board to help your child develop and blossom. Experience Lignea Kids today and contribute to your child's development with a Montessori activity board!