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Mealtime is for the child a key factor to privilege his development. It is also a privileged moment repeated several times a day between baby and parent for a moment of complicity and relaxation. The choice of the feeding bottle should therefore not be taken lightly, you will find on the Lignea kids site a selection of durable feeding bottles made in France!

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How to choose the feeding bottle?

From birth and for several weeks, the infant must be fed every three or four hours. The choice of bottle should therefore not be taken lightly. This one should ideally be adapted to the age of the child, easy to clean and practical.

Should we prefer a glass or plastic bottle made in France?

Intemporal, the glass bottle is the one we all knew in our childhood. The advantage of the glass baby bottle is that it is perfectly natural considering the fact that it has no toxic products. Its solidity allows it an effective sterilization but also a perfect longevity without ever having to see to fear the appearance of stains or odors. However, the glass made in France baby bottle has a disadvantage, it is breakable, so potentially dangerous. When it is made of plastic on the other hand, the bottle is unbreakable, which prevents incidents. In addition, it no longer contains bisphenol A, a dangerous but especially toxic product for the baby if it migrates into the milk. Another interesting advantage is that the plastic bottle is light, so it is more manageable, which is all the more interesting when baby starts to hold it alone.

What capacity to choose for the made in France baby bottle?

Depending on the age of the child, the capacity of your baby's bottle will not be the same. Thus, you will find on our site bottles made in France whose capacity can vary from 30 ml to 330 ml for the largest. The smallest capacities will prove ideal for the first weeks of the child. Graduated every 10 ml, the 30 to 150 ml bottles will allow you to monitor the amount of breast milk or substitute milk drunk by baby. As for the larger bottles, they are generally graduated every 30 ml.

What shape of bottle to choose?

While material and capacity are elements not to be neglected in the choice of the bottle, the shape is also important. Very often at the birth of baby, parents opt for a classic or cylindrical bottle. Very handy, it has the advantage of being easy to clean. In case the child is subject to colic or regurgitates a lot, it is recommended to opt more for an angled bottle. Thanks to its 30° angle, the nipple is constantly filled, thus preventing the child from swallowing air. As baby grows, it can be interesting, even practical, to adopt an ergonomic bottle. Some of them are indeed equipped with a handle that will allow him to hold it easily and drink like a grown-up.

The baby bottles offered by Lignea kids are durable

As for all the nursery products that we offer on our site, our baby bottles are designed with great quality in order to render them durable. Ideal for mixed breastfeeding as well as for transition, they allow a quick adaptation and are anti colic. Usable from birth, they are already acclaimed by many parents who appreciate their flexibility and absence of microplastics.


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