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Elhée has created the bibRond: an innovative bottle with round shapes that evoke for us the suppleness and shape of the breast. Designed by a young mother concerned with building an ethical universe for her children, Allison Piraud has rethought the baby bottle, this object commonly used within today's families.

The Élhée baby bottle is flexible, soft and gentle to the touch, made in France from a new-generation, medical-grade, Bisphenol A- and S-free silicon to contribute to the good health of infants. Thanks to its physiological teat, developed to offer sensations close to the mother's breast, the Elhée bottle gently accompanies the transition from breast to teat.

Indispensable for childcare accessories, the bottle will be used to feed baby for many months after birth, especially if mom makes the choice not to breastfeed. Available in many models, at Lignea Kids, you will only find products known for their high quality of manufacture as well as their durability. Among them, the Bibrond Élhée will prove ideal throughout baby's bottle phase.

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How to choose baby's bottle

Each baby being different, their digestion system can sometimes prove difficult. If at birth we favor the cylindrical bottles known as classic, certain factors may influence a different choice over time.

The cylindrical bottle

As mentioned earlier, the cylindrical bottle is the classic bottle found in maternity wards and in most homes to welcome baby. Available in several capacities ranging from 30 to 350 ml in most cases, it can be in glass or plastic.

The angled bottle

It can happen that baby is prone to reflux or colic usually due to the air he swallows during feeding. It is preferable in such a case to prefer an angled bottle which is specially designed to avoid this type of inconvenience. Thanks to its 30° inclination, the nipple is constantly filled and adapts to baby's sucking rhythm.

The ergonomic bottle

Available in several shapes, the ergonomic bottle comes in handy especially when baby is able to hold his bottle by himself. It is usually found with a handle for an easy grip. It is preferable to avoid glass for this type of bottle, which has the disadvantage of being breakable, thus potentially dangerous for the child if he drops it on the floor.

The Elhée Bottle

Eco-designed and entirely made in France, the Elhée Bottle inevitably attracts the eye for its atypical all-round shape. Reminiscent of a mother's round belly but also of the breast, this baby bottle that is seducing more and more parents is compliant with the European standard EN-14350. Made of medical silicone, it provides a flexible, soft and very gentle touch that is sure to please. Perfectly adapted to baby's oral cavity, the Elhée bottle's extra-soft silicone nipple is physiological and anti-colic thanks to the presence of a valve. It thus reduces the air absorbed and facilitates the child's digestion. Being able to be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher without risk of being damaged, it does not even require a brush for washing. Available in blue, pink and cream, but also in different capacities, it will be perfect for parents who wish to alternate bottles and breastfeeding. For even more safety, the Elhée bottle has a specially designed closure system to ensure that the milk does not come into contact with materials other than the nipple and bottle. In addition, the Élhée bottle has received from the French Institute of Design the JANUS label.

To conclude, the bottle, essential to the child's feeding and development, must be chosen according to his age and digestive particularities. Available in several sizes and colors, the Elhée bottle is suitable for all stages of baby's development and is also ideal for the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Specially designed to avoid colic in children, its soft touch and round shape make it very pleasant to handle.

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