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Our wooden cradles and cododo cradles

The arrival of a child is an upheaval in the life of all parents. In addition to the fact that daily life will radically change, it is also necessary to think about the furniture that will be used to welcome baby in the best conditions and inevitably, he will need a bed. The wooden crib is a timeless piece of children's furniture and a sure bet. Also Lignea Kids offers a wide selection of wooden cradles and cododo cradles; be sure to find the model made for you and your newborn.

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Why should you prefer wood for a crib?

Although baby cribs can be made of wrought iron, metal or plastic, many parents favor the noble material of wood for their crib. Timeless and safe, wood has the advantage of being able to adapt to any style and any room decoration. Available in several colors, you will have no difficulty in finding the style of cradle that suits you. In addition, the wood used for the construction of the cribs we offer is environmentally friendly. The manufacturing of the furniture by the brands we work with is part of an eco-friendly approach. Made without harmful glues or lacquers, the wooden cradles we offer ensure maximum protection of your baby's health.

Wooden cradle or cododo cradle, which one to choose?

Useful especially in the first months of the child's life, the cradle offers the newborn the possibility to feel protected in a small space that reminds him of his intrauterine life. Simple to install and generally portable, it has the advantage of not having to be assembled and disassembled to change parts as you would have to do with a bed with bars. You can therefore opt to install it in your room during your baby's first few months to make it easier for him to fall asleep as well as during breastfeeding or bottle feeding times. The wooden co-sleeping cradle is also an interesting alternative to reinforce the closeness between parents and child, and facilitate nightly breastfeeding. This practice, also called Co sleeping in English, already existed in Western countries in the 18th century before gradually disappearing with the arrival of the wooden cradle. Nevertheless, wooden co-sleeping cradles have been developing again for a few years and seduce more and more parents.

What are the advantages of the wooden co-sleeping cradle?

Many pediatricians and child psychiatrists argue more and more in favor of the co-sleeping cradle. This practice indeed has many advantages according to them: the wooden cododo cradle facilitates breastfeeding: by sleeping next to her child, the mother will be able to respond more easily to his needs without the need to get up; Parents are more reassured thanks to the cododo cradle: the child being easier to monitor, many parents are more reassured by the idea of keeping their baby by their side; Cododo also reassures the baby: the wooden cododo cradle contributes to reinforce the bond between the baby and his parents, which in the long term significantly decreases night fears and other anxieties; the baby falls asleep more easily in a cododo cradle: the feeling of safety which he develops near his parents makes it possible to the baby to fall asleep more easily, more quickly and he also wakes up less the night; By falling asleep near his parents with a cododo cradle, the child presents a temperature as well as a cardiac rhythm more stable. Do you want to start co-sleeping with your newborn? Discover our selection of wooden cododo cradles.


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