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Discover our selection of wooden early learning toys for every age of child

Aesthetically pleasing, sturdy and timeless, wooden early learning toys never cease to convince thousands of parents. From rattle to bike, draisienne, tumbler and assembly or imitation games, discover our selection of attractive, durable and environmentally friendly early learning toys suitable for every age of the child.

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The age of the child, a criterion not to be neglected when choosing a good early learning toy

Depending on the development and awakening of the child, the needs in terms of early learning toys are not the same. In order for him to properly use all his skills, it is therefore essential to adapt his early learning toys according to his stage of development. Each toy having a particular and unique interest according to its material, its colors and other elements that define it, it will aim to stimulate the curiosity of the child who will be led to explore it in order to develop his senses, his motor skills but also his autonomy.

Various early learning toys to grow at his own pace

There are many early learning toys that can be grouped into several categories adapted to each age. If for newborns we will favor baby stimulation toys such as wooden rattles, teething rings or even awakening arches, when he grows up, you can choose from a wide range of other awakening games that are sure to please him and help him in his development.

awakening games for 1 or 2 year olds

As mentioned above, awakening games for babies are varied. Allowing them to discover the world around them, they are quite often found with sensory games like a wooden rattle for toddlers. But between the ages of 1 and 2, they will quickly want to discover more things. Toys like cubes or even rockets and stacking pyramids will thus be ideal for developing their fine motor skills as well as their logic. The colorful animals will develop their memory and the hammering awakening toys are also important for them to strengthen their accuracy as well as their tone. Wooden baby bath time toys are also great for stimulating their imagination. As for the landaus, wheelbarrows and walking carts will help them in learning to walk.

awakening games for children aged 3 to 6

Wakening games called stunts are useful for the child to observe an object in motion. These will include, wooden dolls, a car circuit, a wooden vehicle or character, etc. These early learning games also have the benefit of developing eye/hand coordination. The awakening and manipulative games such as activity tables, wooden vehicles, wooden dollhouses or even the wooden imitation games such as the Doctor's case will help stimulate imagination but also motor skills, coordination and many other senses. As for the motor games such as carriers, rocking horses and draisiennes, they will teach children to control their movements independently. When they are older, they will then be able to switch to a bike without any difficulty. This type of early learning game also encourages movement in a fun and playful way. The musical instruments are also great early learning games for children to develop their hearing but also their coordination. The xylophone or the wooden drum will thus give him the opportunity to make noise while trying to associate sounds, which also stimulates his memory.

As you will have understood, the early learning toys are to be adapted according to the age of the child but also to his development. On our site, you will be spoilt for choice to offer a durable and solid toy.


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