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Montessori Wooden Games

Italian doctor and pedagogue of the 20th century, Maria Montessori, after years of scientific research and observation, managed to present her own method of education and learning of the child. Fully convinced that the development of motor skills and serene learning was based on the child's environment, she developed numerous games adapted to each age. Today, her method has been adopted by more than 200 private schools in France and has been widely proven. Completely devoid of plastic and electronics, Montessori wooden games are attracting more and more parents. At Lignea Kids, we advocate this type of learning with natural materials. Thus, you will find many Montessori wooden games of various shapes made of quality, ecological and sustainable wood.

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Opt for learning at your child's pace

Contrary to the traditional educational system sometimes considered too passive, Montessori pedagogy relies more on action and even makes it a founding principle.

When following this method, the child should not sit in a chair and listen wisely to his teacher. Instead, he must move, manipulate, explore his environment independently with adapted toys that teach him to develop many senses: fine motor skills, memory, patience, problem solving, perseverance and many more. Through touch, observation and reflection, the child manages without even realizing it to evolve naturally, at his own pace. In this way, a concept initially abstract for him becomes concrete.

The Montessori educational material must thus be adapted to the child, that is to say to his age but also to his size as well as to the different phases of his development.

The benefits of Montessori wooden games

Whatever Montessori game is, it is always made of wood. This material actually proves to be ideal for making the handling aesthetic, attractive and enjoyable. Moreover, considering the fact that many children have the reflex to put everything in their mouths, wood is clearly less dangerous than plastic which can prove to be sharp.

Whether it is colored or not, the wooden game has a little precious side that will also make the child more likely to take care of it. Coming back to the Montessori method, whether it is wooden blocks, wooden musical instrument, activity panel or any other toy taking up the pedagogy, the child will be able to learn while having fun.

The rainbow wooden toy or even the puzzle will indeed help him stimulate his logic; the tactile sensory case* will help him awaken his five senses; the construction games will awaken creativity... As he grows up, other Montessori wooden games will allow him to learn math naturally, the wooden clock* will help him to be gently introduced to hours, minutes and seconds. Geography can also be discovered with the wooden world map and its 36 flags*. Also, the Montessori wooden educational material prepares the child to enter the real world by introducing him to manual work with the wooden workbench for example. This toy allows him to manipulate tools and understand their use in complete safety.

As you will have understood, Montessori wooden games have many advantages for learning as well as the sensory and cognitive development of the child. Lignea Kids allows you to adopt this pedagogical method for your child by offering many wooden toys adapted to each age of the child.

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