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Mathy By Bols

Discover Mathy By Bols wooden children's beds

The bedroom is for your child a real universe that will allow him to dream, play, blossom and of course grow. To allow him to spend memorable moments there, Lignea Kids offers a wide selection of wooden children's furniture from eco-friendly brands like Mathy By Bols. Made in Belgium, this brand's products are durable, high quality and eco-friendly. Discover without further ado our selection of Mathy By Bols wooden furniture which, after 35 years of experience, is now world-renowned for its original and durable children's furniture, especially its evolving beds and hut beds.

Mathy By Bols beds and furniture: a strong commitment to eco-responsibility


Mathy By Bols is committed to using only eco-responsible materials in order to limit its impact on the planet. The wood used in the design of the furniture comes only from eco-managed forests near the production units. The lacquers and glues are certified free of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, and therefore safe for children. The brand makes a point of using only the most emission-neutral solvents possible in order to offer you children's furniture that respects the environment while being durable over time.

By making its furniture scalable, Mathy By Bols has thought of everything to optimize the sustainability of each product. Committed to seeing its commitment extend to you, the brand has designed its children's beds and bedroom furniture with easily separable components. This makes sorting and recycling easier when the furniture reaches the end of its life.

In addition, in order to revalue waste, the sawdust from the processing of wood panels is reused as heating energy for a totally ecological approach. All these actions thus allow Mathy By Bols to be part of a circular economy, and the choice of materials ensures that assembly and disassembly will not alter the quality of the furniture over the years.

Our selection of Mathy By Bols beds

The beds

Your child's room must be able to evolve according to their age and needs. That's why Mathy By Bols makes every effort to offer a catalog of innovative and diverse furniture, adapted to the age but also to the personality of each child. The brand makes the quality of its products a priority in order to offer only high-end creations. Each piece of furniture and children's bed comes in different colors or in raw wood.

Find on our site the flagship cribs for babies and children from the Mathy By Bols brand, such as the four-in-one cododo cradle, the evolving bed or the hut bed. Each reference is adapted to the age of your child; opt for the canopy bed which is inspired by the Montessori, the bunk bed with slide, the wagon bunk bed, the tent bed or the caravan bed with trunk.

Select the Mathy By Bols cabana or evolving bedperfect for your child, no matter their age or personality!

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