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Ideal for aiding development and awakening in toddlers, early age toys are used to engage a child's five senses, among other things. At Lignea Kids, you'll have no trouble finding the right baby toy for your child. You will find on our site products of French quality, durable over time, environmentally friendly and suitable for the handling of small hands.

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Opt for the elegance of the 1 year old wooden baby toy

Solid, resistant, timeless and ecological, the 1 year old wooden baby toy is part of the timeless ones we like to find in our interiors. Ideal to accompany baby as an early learning game to begin with, it will later be used to decorate his room for a vintage touch that we never tire of. Lignea Kids has selected for you and your children high quality 1 year old baby toys made of noble, natural and therefore ecological and certified materials. Wooden rattle, Montessori awakening arch, teething ring, bath boat and funny animals or even wooden teddy bear, wooden toys for baby remain a sure value and a fabulous birth gift.

Waking Up to the World with Wooden 1-Year-Old Baby Toys

Most often, the first toy a baby will have in his or her hands is a stuffed animal for the all-around softness and comfort it brings. But as he grows up, he will naturally want to discover the world. The 1 year old baby toy proves to be ideal for this to allow him to grow up gently. Jean-Paul Sartre said moreover, "The game is the first poem of existence". Based then on the principle that poetry stimulates the senses, the same is true for early learning toys. A wooden rattle, for example, will catch his eye and by shaking it, the little sound the toy makes will stimulate his hearing. The teething ring will allow baby to relieve sore gums by chewing on it. The Montessori awakening arch will prove ideal for catching his eye and awakening his curiosity. He will love to observe the different shapes and colors, He will try to catch the elements or touch them with his feet and/or hands, which will allow him, by discovering the textures, to develop the sense of touch, to hear sounds, etc. The 1 year old baby toy thus proves to be perfect for exercising motor skills, attention but also hand/eye coordination.

Adapted baby toys as baby grows

Baby developmental toys must be adapted for each age in order to be able to provide them with the same notions mentioned above while improving them. When they are between 1 and 2 years old, babies love to play push or pull. The walking wagon will be ideal because it will not only amuse the child, but will also help them learn to walk. At this age too, their attention must be stimulated. The rocket or the stacking pyramid will prove to be perfect as a awakening game. Manipulating the pieces will help develop fine motor skills and he will manage to find the solutions on his own, at his own pace. It is therefore here perseverance that will be stimulated. It will be the same for other toys such as cubes, small wooden cars, etc. At the end of the day, when bath time comes, the opportunity to continue learning while having fun continues with the bath boat, animals, etc.

To conclude, the 1 year old baby toy proves to be ideal both for his fun and for his awakening and good development. On Lignea kids website, you will only find high quality toys designed to be durable and eco-friendly.


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