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Sleeping is baby's most important activity, so his or her comfort should be maximized. However, it is not always easy to find the perfect furniture for a child's room. On the Lignea Kids website, you can select your child's wooden evolving bed from a wide selection of practical, durable and environmentally friendly beds.

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How to choose a bed for baby?

To allow baby to find a restorative sleep after coming into the world, the choice of the bed is an essential element. Be aware that there is no ideal bed. It must be adapted to your environment and to your child. Of course, you can opt for the purchase of a crib for your baby's first few months to create a cuddly cocoon that will not fail to remind him of the maternal womb. You may also prefer a co-sleeper to watch over him during the first few months of his life. But once he's past six months old, you'll need to put him in a barred bed for safety reasons. This type of bed quite often comes with three positions of box spring height. The high position will prove perfect for infants. Once baby can sit up, in order to avoid any risk of tipping, it will be recommended to switch the box spring to the low position. To allow him to evolve in the same environment and to feel safe there, the ideal is to adopt an evolving bed that will allow him to sleep and blossom there all along his growth. Practical and economical, you won't have to constantly repurchase a bed since this one will grow with your child by going from a 140 size bed to a 190/200 cm bed depending on the model you choose.

What are the advantages of the solid wood evolving bed?

The solid wood evolving bed has several advantages:

  • A durable piece of furniture: transforming at the rate your child grows, the wooden evolving bed goes from a baby bed to a classic child bed. It will thus accompany him during many years;
  • A resistant piece of furniture: the wood selected for the making of the furniture being of high quality, the wooden evolutionary bed is specially designed to undergo many transformations while offering comfort and safety to the child;
  • An environmentally friendly piece of furniture: the wood selected for the manufacture of the evolving beds for children coming from eco-managed forests, you opt for ecological furniture and healthy for the environment of your child. In addition, the furniture is made with a focus on natural varnish and water-based paint guaranteed to be free of solvents and harmful substances. In addition, the majority of our furniture is produced in France and Europe.

When and how to evolve the solid wood evolutionary bed?

When you judge as a parent that your child no longer needs bars to sleep, you can remove them from his wooden evolutionary bed to transform it into growing bed. There is no specific age to make this transition. The latter must be done according to his development and his awakening. The principle of the evolving wooden bed is precisely to allow the perfect bedding for each child. In any case, as a general rule, it is advisable to keep the bars of the bed until the child is three years old in order to avoid falls during the night and naps. However, if you notice that at two years old he manages to climb the bars and get out of the bed, it will be better to install an evolving bed barrier or remove them.

To conclude, the evolving bed in solid wood will accompany your child throughout his growth. Lignea Kids allows you to offer him a real cocoon by offering you evolving, healthy, durable, safe and responsible furniture.


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