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bureau avec tableau noir montessori
bureau avec tableau noir montessori bureau tableau craie pour enfant bureau bibliothèque pour enfant
bureau avec tableau noir montessori
bureau tableau craie pour enfant
bureau bibliothèque pour enfant

I love this house-shaped desk inspired by Montessori pedagogy that combines games, learning and storage! The child will be able to draw with chalk on one of the sides of the desk, then he will easily move on to reading his favorite book thanks to the bookcase outside the desk. Practical, he will also be able to store his pencils, markers and brushes in the small chimney placed on the roof of the house. And, that's not all, the child will also be able to create his little cocoon inside the house, a few cushions, a plaid and it's done!

As you can see, kids won't be able to do without this great multifunctional desk.

Made in Europe, this desk with its playful and original design will fit perfectly in a child's room or any other room in your home thanks to its ease of adaptation. Indeed, the Montessori desk can be used in any way. There is no direction to respect when you place the desk, it is according to what the child prefers.

Functional and educational, this desk is sure to delight toddlers and parents alike.

What's a Montessori?

It's a set of educational methods based on the discoveries of Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator.

These pedagogical methods aim to develop children in an environment that is adapted to them, thus promoting concentration, autonomy and self-confidence.

The Lignea Kids tip:

You can use this desk as early as 12 months even before that since it doubles as a storage unit and tree house!


Length: 84 cm

Depth: 71 cm

Height: 77 cm

Desk top height: 52 cm



Important: on this product the delivery time can vary between 2 and 3 weeks.

My Mini Home
Desk House

Data sheet

Dès 12 mois
Volume of the article
Package dimensions
95x83x10 cm

Desk with Montessori board


Discover this house-shaped desk with a slate board for writing with chalk!

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